i want to go to a place where the water is as clear as this


when you’ve just finished an 8 hr shoot and Simons calls you about some appearance 


Spotlight: Tom Brune

I am Tom Brune, a 19 year old photographer from Perth, Western Australia. Growing up in the coastal city of Perth I never liked the ocean. It wasn’t until high school that my friend introduced me to bodyboarding which slowly started to consume me.After a few years of bodyboarding and snorkelling along the West Coast of Australia I noticed how much unique stuff you can see only whilst in the ocean.

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lmafo did he just enchant him?


me and my friend arriving at an all you can eat buffet 

tryna finish this essay by 2 QQ

Track: Make You Feel My Love
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Adele - Make You Feel My Love


This is my human. Though there are many like it, this one is mine



"A big part of the story is lost when it becomes a movie."

a whole lot more is lost if you cut a giant ass hole through it

thunflowerth asked: Do you think you'll ever get a "safer" job, especially with your expanding family?


Nope. When Lindy and I started dating 10 years ago - she knew this was what I was meant to do and never questioned my decision.

The way our society is structured locks you into working for a living and if I am going to be away from my family because I’m working - it better be for something important.

My parents used to tell me that I was too smart to be a Police Officer. My response was always “don’t you want smart cops on the street?”

It is dangerous. When I leave for work, my wife doesn’t say “have a great day!” She says “please be safe.” But there is so much evil in our society that I feel like I need to do my part.

And quite honestly, after all I’ve seen in my 5 years on the job - I could never do anything else. My entire perspective on life is different. I experience more life drama in a 12 and a half hour shift than most people experience in a lifetime and there is no coming back from that.